Telefonica Movistar HONDA RC211V'03

TAMIYA is converted (1/12)

December 11, 2003 completion.
It is the 2003 type machine of the TelefonicaMovistar-HONDA team which entered MotoGP.
For No. 15 is Sete GIBERNAU, and No. 23 is Ryuichi KIYONARI.
In order to make the machine of Sete into the South Africa GP specification
which overcame Daijiro's death and achieved the championship,
it used Mr. MIE's duct for the upper & under cowl and tank of '02,
and reproduced it by decal of Musium-Collection.
Although there is a being small difference more in fact,
it is negligent reappearance of atmosphere serious consideration.
But this decal was difficult.
It paints in the racing blue.
Racing blue used TS-51 of Tamiya.
February 8, 2004 addition.
The kit of a camel was used and the number 74 of a short tank & long sheet
and the machine of Daijiro a reason and Kato were made.
I pray for the bliss of the dead respectfully.

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