Repsol HONDA RC211V'03 "Valencia"

TAMIYA is converted (1/12)

August 28, 2004 completion.
It is the 2003 type machine of the Repsol-HONDA team which entered MotoGP.
A rider is Valentino ROSSI.
It is the special color which appeared in the final game in 2003.
It made by the kit of Tamiya, and decal of studio 27.
As decal of Tamiya has a problem in the tank upper part,
the thing of studio 27 seems to be a correct answer.
A front fender is prolonged, a real vehicle shines and the form of the tank under a sheet is also different.
and I extract a hand and am still a kit.
It painted with Dark mica blue and Fluorescent yellow.
Dark mica blue used TS-64 of Tamiya.
Fluorescent yellow used No.172 of Gunze.

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