HONDA CBR1100XX SuperBlackBird "With Me" COLOR

TAMIYA (1/12)

July 25, 2009 completion.
It is the machine of "With Me Professional Racing Team"
which entered "Motegi Open 7 Hour Endurance RoadRace" in 1998.
In the race, it shone with the best design prize by spectator vote by the
5th place of a primary, and the 7th place of the final.
Thin blue was paint, and although all the back was decal, it was easy to stick it unexpectedly.
Although it thinks that there are few people who made this, it is fairly showy and is smart as a model.
Thin blue was made from the sky blue(10) of Finisher's, purple(1), night gold(3), and the pure white(3).
Possibly it was also good to have carried out the overcoat of the pearl clearance of Tamiya to sky blue simply.

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