Marlboro DUCATI desmosedici GP4'05 test

TAMIYA is converted (1/12)

March 12, 2006 completion.
It is the 2004 type machine of the Marlboro-DUCATI team which entered MotoGP.
It is the machine by which the Bridgestone tire will be used from 2005
and Shin-ichi Ito who is the test rider rode by the tire test.
But because the picture of a real vehicle is not seen, it is unknown whether it is this marking.
It seems that FILA of Under-cowl is not needed although it has noticed after completing.
decal of a TABU design, the front fork set of an option, and the etching stand set were used.
It painted in the Bright Red.
Bright Red used TS-49 of Tamiya.

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