HONDA NSR500'01 BridgeStone Test

TAMIYA is converted (1/12)

March 22, 2002 completion.
Bridgestone which will enter into MotoGP from 2002 is the machine used by the test in 2001.
It made using decal made from Atsushibashi Brand to the kit of NastroAzzurro.
A test rider is Shin-ichi Ito and Nobuatsu Aoki.
It paints with red madder and black using an airbrush based on a pure white.
Although the gradation paint using the airbrush was the first, it failed just for a moment.
Pure white used TS-26 of Tamiya.
Black used No. 2 of Gunze Mr. color.
Red madder used No. 68 of Gunze Mr. color.

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